Chat Operator Position

International marriage agency LERA is hiring remote employees for the position of chat operators with intermediate to advanced English language skills for written communication on behalf of our clients.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience in marriage agencies.

We provide free training and opportunities for career advancement for all employees in our agency. A transparent income calculation system and timely monthly payments are ensured.


Good typing speed
Creativity, diligence, and literacy
Responsibility and communication skills
24/7 internet access

Working conditions:

6-day workweek and flexible schedule
Advance payment after the first 2 weeks of work


Correspondence management and processing
Minimum of 7 hours of work per day

Benefits of Working with Us

Timely Salary Payments

With us, there hasn't been a single instance of salary delay. Working with us ensures you a stable monthly income.

Career Growth Opportunities

In our company, you can expect rapid career growth, as we are a dynamically evolving organization.

Remote Work Opportunities

We offer you remote work with a flexible schedule. You have the freedom to plan your day as you see fit.

Employee Testimonials

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Igor Kovalenko

Working as a chat operator in a marriage agency is both exciting and challenging. Constantly grabbing men's attention and coming up with new creative approaches is part of the job. The perk, however, lies in the flexibility to set your own schedule and control your earnings. I've been with the agency for 4 years, indicating stability and satisfaction with the job. It encourages putting in extra effort when needed, allowing for the opportunity to earn more.

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Juan Carlos Ramirez

I've been working here for a year, and overall, everything is great. The only downside is that the salary doesn't come until the end of the next month, which is a bit inconvenient. However, I plan to grow within the company, and I appreciate the friendly relationship with my manager, who feels more like a friend. He genuinely helped me achieve a decent income.

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Mila Ivaschenko

I've been working here for 5 years, and in that time, I've climbed up to the position of a manager. A $4K income is a reality, and I make it a point to guide my operators towards achieving the same. I remember when I first joined the agency, I approached the job with skepticism in the first month. However, once I received my first paycheck, I focused on increasing my earnings and successfully reached my goal. Now, I'm committed to imparting that knowledge to my team, encouraging them to strive for similar financial success.

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